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Gainesville Health & Rehab Center

Healthcare Services

Q: What doctors come to your center?
A: Our center has a team of physicians to help take care of you, a medical director and other contracted physicians such as a Podiatrist to help meet your needs.

Q: What is your staff to resident ratio?
A: Staffing ratios are based on patient’s needs.

Q: Do you offer outpatient services?
A: No, we do not currently offer outpatient services.


Q: What kind of room will I be in?
A: We have some private rooms and we will make every effort to provide a private room if that is your wish. However, depending on the bed availability, we cannot guarantee a private room unless we have an open bed. Our semi-private rooms have a privacy curtain for your convenience.

Q: Do you offer phone and cable services? Does each room have a phone and TV?
A: Yes, we do offer phone and cable service. Our rooms are pre-wired for both phone and cable. Additional charges may apply.

Length of Stay

Q: How long will I be in Rehab?
A: Each patient has an individual plan of care. The length of time you will be in rehab depends on your progress and individual rehab program.

Q: What is your average length of stay?
A: The average length of stay is approximately 28 days, but each patient’s stay is based on their individual needs and progress.


Q: Does insurance pay for rehab?
A: Many insurance policies cover rehab services during an inpatient stay, however, it is important that you know and understand your coverage. Talk to your plan representative and determine if our facility participates with your insurance company. Also inquire about deductibles and out of pocket expenses. You will then want to determine if your plan will be primary or secondary to Medicare Part B during your stay should you qualify for Medicare coverage. Rehab therapy is included in your skilled services if you have qualified for Medicare Skilled Coverage.

Q: How does traditional Medicare work? What will I owe after Day 20?
A: The Medicare Part A program covers skilled services in our facility. Medicare A will cover the first 20 days of a patient’s stay in full as long as a daily skilled service is needed and is being provided and you have available days.
Beginning on Day 21 of the skilled service, the patient will owe coinsurance ($144.50 per day in 2012). The patient may have insurance that covers the coinsurance or be Medicaid eligible. Talk to your plan representative and determine if our facility participates with your insurance and how many coinsurance days they cover. Also inquire about deductibles and out of pocket expenses. In cases where there is no coverage available, the patient will be responsible for payment of the coinsurance.

Q: How does my Medicare replacement Policy differ from traditional Medicare regarding rehab?
A: Medicare Replacement Policies (Medicare HMO) typically cover skilled services in the same manner as traditional Medicare A. The coverage may differ primarily in the number of full days covered for skilled services and the coinsurance amount. Under traditional Medicare A, the first twenty days are covered as long the beneficiary has not used all or part of these days prior to coming to our facility. Each Medicare HMO has its own stated number of full covered days. In most cases, the full covered days are fewer under an HMO, but the coinsurance rate may be lower than that found under traditional A. Contact your HMO representative to determine your number of full covered days and coinsurance rates. Also inquire about the deductibles and out of pocket expenses.


Q: What kinds of therapy do you offer?
A: Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are offered.

Q: What is the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy and what does each accomplish?
A: Physical therapy provides strength, endurance, motor skills, function, and motor movement. Occupational therapy helps you perform activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, and cooking. Speech therapy addresses issues such as swallowing and speaking.

Q: How long is each therapy session?
A: 15 to 70 minutes.

Q: How much therapy will I receive each day? How many days a week?
A: This depends on your ability to function. Therapy is provided 5-7 days a week.

Q: Will the therapist help me regain my daily skills?
A: Yes. That is our goal.

Q: What type of clothing should I wear for rehab?
A: Comfortable clothing you would wear at home.


Q: Can my family visit?
A: Families are an important part of your recovery and they are welcome to visit at anytime that is convenient to the patient.

Q: May family members come to therapy with me?
A: Yes. We encourage family members to participate in the rehab process and observe your progress by visiting during your scheduled therapies if desired by the patient.


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